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Paul here.

Becke came through the surgery (well, surgeries -- a revision bypass and a hernia repair) with flying colors.

She tells me that she's in much less pain after this surgery than she was with the first gastric bypass in 2001. She'll probably be up and typing her own entries tomorrow once the residual effects of the anesthesia fade away.

Her incision, for what it's worth, is considerably shorter than the original... almost a third so. Go figure.

Right now she's reclining on a comfy chair, watching some weird-assed movie on one of the few English-broadcast channels here in Brazil. People getting grabbed into the sky by some invisible force; and then there's Gary Sinise... what the hell's with that?

On the subject of the surgery and its aftermath, she'd like to point out that the single, wide, properly designed binder is a hell of a lot more comfortable and functional than the pair of crappy cheap-assed junk binders that BTC provided back in 2001. Sure, it's a tad itchy, but she's gotten over that already.

Oh, also, the intubation was a breeze -- Dr. Mohammed got her intubated on the first try.

Signing off,

Paul (I'm under the knife on Thursday morning, folks...)
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On January 9th, 2008 02:08 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Greta News
Glad to hear it Paul give Becke my best.

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