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Long Overdue Update

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Well, here I am a little over 4 months post op - I'm down 70 lbs. from the date of surgery, and down 107 lbs. from where I was last April, and down 188 lbs. from my highest weight ever. So, now at 314, I'm the smallest I've been since high school (I went from 305ish to 335ish in the summer between my sophmore and junior years). It's really evident now - everything looks smaller, but with a lot of hanging skin. I'm in a 26/28 for most clothes, and even have a few shirts that are 22/24. I'm losing quicker on top than I am on bottom, and have gotten a little pear-shaped (blame the pannus!).

The wound issue is mostly cleared up - it's just a little pinhole now with very little stuff draining out of it, hopefully this means I'm out of the woods as far as needing more surgery.

I need to start exercising (now that I'm able to walk around with no real issues) and I need to lay off the sugar and carbs, but other than that, everything is dandy. :) I'll try to get around to posting an updated picture soon.
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