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Latest Update

Here's what I just sent to my doctor:

I’m emailing you (albeit a little late) with my last set of labs, this was at 4 months post-op. At the six month point the weight loss is going slowly but surely, I am down to 308 from 384.

My issue with the hernia mesh resolved itself, magically when the insurance company didn’t want to pay for it any longer – at that point the wound care doctor told me to let the open wound close and it has not reopened nor do I seem to have any more seromas, so there was no need for additional surgery, thankfully.

Otherwise, my health is well, other than some issues with rashes under now hanging skin on my pannus, and some pain in my back which my primary care physician believes is caused by the shifting weight as Paul and I lose. My hair is falling out like crazy (I know it’s telogenic effusium, and perfectly normal), but if it keeps falling out at this rate I’ll be bald in no time flat and need a wig. Small price to pay for good health. My stamina level is much, much more than it has been – we go to the farmers markets every weekend during the summer, and where I used to have to sit down every couple hundred feet, especially when it was hot, now I can get through each one without stopping and still have energy left over. I’m hoping to start exercising regularly now that the hernia mesh issue is resolved; I just have to stop being lazy and get up and go do it.


And here's the picture I sent him:

Becke 7/22/08

Other than the fact that I look like Steve Wozniak, I feel just fine. :) Yeah, the weight loss is going slowly, but I'd rather it go slowly and keep it off than lose it quickly and have it come right back.
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